New: iOS 7 compatible.

You won’t have to carry Bowling Sheet helps you keep track of your team scores. Is is available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

If you are running iOS5 or older and have issues with the current version, please delete the app (you data will be lost) from your device and re-install it. You will get an older version of the app compatible with your device. Please reconsider upgrading your iOS or device in order to be able to use the latest updates and features.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

  • Organize your bowling sheets by league.
  • Select sessions of 3 or 4 games for each league.
  • Stores the data of up to 4 team players.
  • It automatically calculates the totals and stores your team information.
  • With a simple touch of an icon you can easily add or delete new pages. 
  • Move between pages using a sweep gesture.
  • Jump directly to a page using the scroll bar.
  • Change the date of a sheet and the page will be automatically reordered.
  • Shake your device to show/dismiss the on-screen help.


You won’t have to carry you scores in paper anymore, with Bowling Sheet all your information is store in your device and available at your finger tips.


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Turn to portrait orientation (Home Button down) for statistics for each player on every team. 


- Average 

- High Game Scratch (HGS) 

- High Series Scratch (HSS) 

- High Game Handicap (HGH)* 

- High Series Handicap (HSH)* 

- Total Pins 



HGH = HGS + latest handicap, HSH = HSS + 3 * latest handicap (for a 3-game tournament) or,

HGH = HGS + latest handicap, HSH = HSS + 4 * latest handicap (for a 4-game tournament)


Select a player to show every series including handicap and total pins. HGS and HSS will be shown in green.